Mitchell Brecke – Northern Edge Chiropractor

Mitchell Brecke, D.C. studied at North Dakota State University and graduated from Concordia Saint Paul where he earned his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. He completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in November 2013. During his years of undergraduate school Dr. Brecke competed as a collegiate football player and trained year round with top athletes in the nation. As a chiropractic student he was president of the on campus Extremities Club, progressing his skills to treat arm, wrist, leg, knee and ankle dysfunction. He also participated in lobbying for the Chiropractic profession in Washington DC.

Dr. Brecke is trained in functionally assessing movement of the entire body. He believes that proper movement patterns of the body are the key to optimal joint and muscular health. Dr. Brecke utilizes diversified techniques to adjust, manual and passive soft tissue protocols to address muscular needs and integrates exercises protocols tailored to patient needs to aid with his proactive wellness approach.

Dr. Brecke was born and raised in Plymouth, MN. His family still lives in the area and has been a part of this community for over 25 years. His extensive background in athletics as a collegiate quarterback has developed him into a leader and has given him a passion to teach others about health and wellness while incorporating aspects of training. He is focused on treating his patients with a functional approach to help them reach their chiropractic and wellness goals. In his free time, Dr. Brecke enjoys being with friends and family, golfing and being on the lake.