Have you been injured and need a car accident chiropractor? If you are in pain, don’t just wait at home and hope it goes away. Minnesota is a no fault state which means if you own a car and have been injured in an accident, your treatment is covered.

Your car insurance benefits will cover the top of the line care to get you back to living your normal life. If you are in or around the Maple Grove and Plymouth MN area then Northern Edge is your number one car accident chiropractor. Our chiropractors will work with you until you feel 100% better.

All you have to do is schedule a FREE consultation with us.

Benefits To Seeing a Chiropractor For Auto Accident Injuries

  • Reduce pain levels

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Restore motion in the body

  • Reduce scar tissue

  • Prevent long term damage from whiplash

  • Get back to living a life without limits

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We never think it’s going to happen to us but within minutes everything can change. You are driving down the road and then the next thing you realize, you are in an auto accident and have been injured. Fortunately, insurance will cover your treatment and your highest recommended car accident chiropractor is right around the corner, ready to treat your pain. From the first time you walk into our clinic to your last treatment, we will work closely with you to make sure you are completely healthy.

We understand that this is not the position you thought you would be in- that is why we will help you through the entire process. With multiple years of experience, our goal is to get you healthy as soon as possible so you can continue to live a life without limits. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with us today or give us a call.

Minnesota is currently a “No Fault” state for car insurance. This means each person who owns a car insurance policy in the state of Minnesota is covered under personal injury protection “PIP”. Even if you caused the accident, you still have your own personal injury protection that will cover medical expenses from the car accident itself. Personal injury protection “PIP” will cover up to $20,000.00 of medical expenses and potentially more if the car accident was not your fault. This money is only accessible with a valid car insurance claim number, and treatment must be started within 6 months of the accident. We recommend that if you have been in a car accident, go in to the nearest medical doctor immediately to get checked for any injuries.

Once you have done this contact a chiropractor and set up a consultation immediately as whiplash is a progressive injury that usually takes anywhere from a week to a month to completely set in. Most patients don’t experience symptoms immediately after the accident because of an adrenaline rush. A few days later, when the soft tissues start to swell, is when you start to feel pain. If you are experiencing pain from a recent car accident please give us a call at (763)316-5252 or use the links above to get the process started.

** Minnesota is a No Fault state which refers to a 1975 statute that states under Minnesota law you are required to carry auto-insurance for your vehicles. Built into that auto insurance plan is something called “Personal Injury Protection” or (PIP). Personal injury protection is available for anyone who has auto insurance, and is used to protect you when you are involved in a car accident. Personal injury protection covers 100% of the health costs that you may accrue for receiving treatment to injuries sustained in a car accident, up to $20,000.00 in medical bills. There is no penalty for using personal injury protection and this will not raise your premium. For more questions please call (763) 316-5252.**


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