What is Decompression Therapy?

Decompression therapy is a safe and effective treatment that helps reduce or eliminate pain from pressure on nerves by using a decompression table to stretch out the affected area. Decompression therapy is a non-surgical, drug-free and natural treatment that can be performed with or without chiropractic adjustments.

We target specific vertebrae in the neck and lower back using our state of the art DOC decompression table. Decompression therapy is 90% effective in treating disc herniations, disc bulges, sciatica, chronic lower back pain and degenerative disc disease.

Who Can Benefit From Decompression Therapy?

People who have been dealing with unrelenting back or neck pain, specifically with pain running down the arms or legs are the best candidates for decompression treatments. If you have been diagnosed with a disc injury, been involved in a car accident, or injured at work, then decompression therapy is the perfect fit.



We’ll go through a full chiropractic exam. This includes checking your range of motion, examining your spine, and performing orthopedic and functional movement tests.


We’ll hook you up to our electrical stimulation machines and have you lay on the mechanical traction (roller) beds. Then we’ll apply gentle heat to help relax muscles. We may even do some deep tissue muscle work.


You’ll get a set of spinal x-rays that relate to the injuries you’re seeing us for. This allows us to easily diagnose your condition and helps to provide more specific treatments.


Here at Northern Edge Chiropractic, we provide personalized chiropractic treatment plans that get you back to feeling your best.


The crew at Northern Edge Chiropractic is professional, welcoming, and caring. They recommend what care they believe is best for you and are upfront about cost with options for payment plans. As someone who has had a lot of experience with chiropractic, I would recommend Northern Edge to everyone! Thanks for taking great care of me!


I am so impressed by how much care you feel when you walk into Northern Edge. Dr. Mitch and Dr. Nick, and the entire staff, are so welcoming and accommodating and make you feel right at home. As someone who gets extremely nervous at the doctor’s office, I’ve never felt so safe. I would highly recommend these people!


I met with Dr. Mitch today and felt very comfortable! I haven’t had to see a chiropractor before and Dr. Mitch provided me with solutions I feel comfortable and confident with. I feel my recovery process is in great hands… I don’t usually leave reviews but I left feeling very thankful to have found this wonderful clinic!


I started going to Northern Edge Chiropractic due to what I thought was related to a degenerative disc issue. My consultation was scheduled quickly and easily. I appreciated that Dr. Mitch took the time to assess my condition correctly. I was given a clear treatment plan that fit my needs and WOW! What a difference.


The real differentiator at Northern Edge is the people. Dr. Nick and Dr. Mitch are two of the nicest docs you’ll meet. And while they’re both talented professionals, they’re people first. Which is what I value in a provider/patient relationship. Can’t say enough good things about this place.


Amazing people at Northern Edge Chiropractic! They have many options for your needs. I have had Chiropractic care and recently tried cupping. They are doing a great job of getting me pain free! Everyone always has a smile on their face which makes for a great atmosphere. I highly recommend them!