Low back pain is one of the top 5 reasons people go to see a doctor, and is the most common cause of job related disability leading to missed work. Low back pain is the second most common neurological ailment, currently only behind headaches.

If you have been dealing with low back pain give us a call today. Our chiropractors have helped treat many patients. Through proper adjustments we can get you back to living a healthy lifestyle.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

  • Back stiffness

  • Muscle spasms

  • Back muscle tenderness

  • Severed pain down your leg

  • Leg numbness or weakness

  • Groin numbness

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So why is low back pain such a big problem for everyone? The back is made up of very intricate structures that have to perform on a daily basis. Large muscles and tendons are grouped together in the back all attaching to our spine, these groupings are what keeps us standing upright all day long. These muscles are sort of like refrigerators in the sense that they never get turned off.

These muscle groups are constantly working, and if too much of a load is placed on them damage within the joints occurs. Then there are the smaller bones and joints that make up the spine itself. These joints allow us to move in all directions called active range of motion. Multiple pairs of joints called facets are located on every vertebrae in the spine, and are no larger than your thumb nail.

Located within and around these joints are highly sensitive nerve endings, and nerve roots that extend all the way down the legs into the feet. So you can imagine if one little thing in this complex system of muscles and joints is thrown off the ripple effect can cause unimaginable pain in the low back, and even into the legs.

Usually described as sever aching or throbbing located just above the pelvis. Can be sharp or burning, and in sever cases radiates into the butt or legs. Symptoms are usually reported after heavy lifting or high intensity activities.

After initial injury has happened people report difficulty moving from lay/seated positions to a standing position. In most cases people say they threw their back out, and are confined to bed rest for multiple days at a time.

Regular strength and flexibility exercises are recommended to keep the spinal muscles strong. Yoga is a good exercise technique to help keep the lower back muscles working properly even into old age. When lifting heavy objects always bend and lift with the legs, the back muscles are not meant to handle heavy loads.

As we gain weight in our belly the muscles have to compensate by increasing the arch or curve in the low back. Loosing weight will help reduce the amount of daily load that is placed on the lower back muscles. Chiropractic care has been proven to be the most effective treatment for low back pain to date. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help keep the joints healthy and the muscles in shape to handle the daily activities.

If you are currently suffering from low back pain immediately ice the area of pain. This will cut down the inflammation and help alleviate some pain. Contact the doctors at Northern Edge Chiropractic LLC in Plymouth, MN, we get great results treating low back pain with natural conservative care


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