If you are struggling with migraines on a consistent basis, give Northern Edge Chiropractic a call today. The cause of Migraines is unknown, but researchers believe it could have something to due with what is called the neurovascular theory.

The neurovascular theory is the idea that various stressors and triggers such as smoking, caffeine, or even chocolate can cause abnormal brain activity. When the body is subjected to adverse stimuli, it changes the chemicals that are being sent between nerves.

Symptoms of Migraines

  • Dull ache to a throbbing pain

  • Sensitive to light, noise & smells

  • Loss of appetite

  • Fatigue

  • Feeling hot or cold

  • Dizziness

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These chemicals actually cause the blood vessels in the brain to expand which could explain why people experience the classic pounding pain located just above the eyes on the forehead. There are two types of migraines, called classic and common. The only difference is that classic migraines typically present with the patient experiencing some flashing or floaters in their vision called aura’s, where as common migraines do not.

The aura’s always precede a migraine so if you are experiencing floaters lay down in a cool dark area and drink plenty of water, this could help save you from getting a migraine.

Regular chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be a good alternative medicine choice for patients with chronic migraines. Remember its the imbalance in nerves that cause the blood vessels dilate and cause pain. If you have had migraines in the past try to stay away from smoking, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, nitrites (preservative in hot dogs and deli meats), and artificial sweeteners.

If you currently have a migraine drink plenty of water, and lay down in a cool dark room. If you can, fall asleep because migraines typically go away within 4-5 hours, but can in some extreme cases last up to 3 days long. Headaches can be serious, if you are experiencing the worst headache of your life you should contact your doctor and get it looked at.

The team at Northern Edge Chiropractic LLC in Plymouth, MN has gotten good results with headaches and migraines. If you have frequent occurrences please give us a call or stop by for a free consultation.


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