Are you struggling with neck pain and don’t know what to do? Northern Edge Chiropractic is the most recommended chiropractic clinic for relief and treatment with neck pain in Plymouth MN and Maple Grove area.

Severe neck pain is a very common symptom that has affected around 70% of the population at some point in their lives. This type of pain arises from various causes, but is most commonly associated with whiplash, sprain/strains, facet syndrome, pinched nerves, and disc herniations. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms below, we invite you to contact our chiropractors today to get proper neck pain treatment.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Arm weakness

  • Leg weakness

  • Loss of bladder control

  • Neck tenderness

  • Neck muscle spasm

  • Loss of bowel control

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Chiropractic Tips For Neck Pain

In all reality, most neck pain felt on a daily basis is due to poor posture, muscular imbalances, or cervical vertebrae that have moved slightly out of place. The neck is generally considered by chiropractors to be the most important section of the body to be adjusted. The reason for this is that all of the nerves running to the rest of the body start in the cervical spine.

If there is inflammation and irritation to the nerves around the first cervical vertebrae then almost every nerve running below that joint could be improperly functioning.

*Neck pain can be a dull ache or a little more sever with a throbbing. Pain may radiate up to the base of the skull or down an arm, in some cases all the way into the fingers.

Try to take multiple breaks throughout the day to stretch your neck and arms. Stay away from hunching forward and looking down for long periods of time. Poor posture can cause neck pain, so we recommend getting regular chiropractic adjustments to get neck pain relief.

Try to limit the amount of cell phone usage. As a culture we have started using cell phone technology more, and in most cases is a part of our every day lives. The more time you spend looking down at your phone texting and surfing the web, the more stress you put on your neck.

Think about holding a bowling ball in your hand. Its a lot easier to hold it closer to your chest than it is to extend your arm all the way out. The same idea applies to your head and cervical muscles, the further you look down and move your head forward the harder your neck muscles have to work.

If you are experiencing neck pain in Plymouth MN or Maple Grove Area, the team at Northern Edge Chiropractic can help. We get amazing results treating neck pain, and can give you a few exercises to help keep those neck muscles strong!


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