If you are suffering from Patellar Tracking Disorder contact Northern Edge Chiropractic in Plymouth MN today. Our chiropractors are well experienced in treating patients from different sports injuries including Patellar Tracking Disorder. Through professional chiropractic adjustments, we can get you back to the sport you love to play.

Symptoms of Patellar Tracking Disorder

  • Anterior knee pain

  • Popping or clicking

  • Kneecap slipping

  • Kneecap catching when bending

  • Pain during physical activity

  • Feeling like knee can’t support weight

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plymouth chiropractic treatment for patellar tracking disorder

This condition is characterized as improper movement of the patella during bending of the knee joint. Anterior knee pain is the most common sign seen. This problem may be caused by multiple different factors. Congenitally abnormal growth of the patella such as a flat patella reduces the joints ability to function and track properly. Loose ligaments and tendons contribute to improper tracking of the patella during the bending motion of the knee joint.

Cartilage beneath the patella is shaped in a way to guide proper knee function, degeneration of the cartilage here will contribute to a tracking issue. Muscular weakness or tightness of the quadriceps muscles will also cause patellar tracking disorder. There is a need for proper firing pattern within these muscles to help the patella track correctly, if a certain muscle fires incorrectly this may cause the patella to be pulled in an improper direction.

To reduce pain and swelling, rest and ice are a good treatment option. Avoiding movements that cause the pain. The root cause of the problem needs to be addressed to fix this disorder. These knee issues may be helped with taping of the knee cap to assist in proper tracking.

Taping is a temporary option that will help retrain the body how to move but is not a complete fix. Exercise protocols for the lower body will help with muscular imbalances and help retrain the muscles to function properly. The team at Northern Edge Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN can help.


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