Plymouth Chiropractor Treatment For Facet Syndrome

If you are experiencing Facet Syndrome, our Chiropractors can help. Facet joints are found on every vertebrae in the spine, and their primary function is to allow the body to move but also to prevent excessive motion and over twisting of the spine. These “small faces” on each vertebrae allow us to safely handle all the activities of daily living.

Problems arise when these joints become inflamed or irritated, causing the joints to have trouble gliding over one another. There are hundreds of nerve endings in each facet joint, so you can imagine if one of these joints is irritated how much pain that could cause you.

If you do have joint irritation the best thing to do is get adjusted because if left alone it could eventually lead to some degeneration of the spine and vertebrae.

Symptoms Of Facet Syndrome

Symptoms usually are worse in the morning and at the end of the day, and usually start as mild pain the progresses to more sever pain of the course of a few weeks. If you have or are currently experiencing any of these symptoms please contact us today.

Common Symptoms

  • Dull / Sharp Pains In The Shoulder
  • Dull / Sharp Pains In The Arms
  • Dull / Sharp Pains In The Butt
  • Dull / Sharp Pains In The Legs

Rare Symptoms

  • Weakness In Muscles
  • Tingling In Muscles
  • Muscle Numbness


Regular exercise will help keep the joints in the spine mobile, and eating a balanced diet with lots of antioxidants will help to reduce inflammation. The most important thing you can do to prevent or manage facet syndrome is to see your chiropractor regularly and get adjusted. The adjustment itself helps to gap the facet joints, and put the vertebrae back into a position where they can glide freely over one another.

The adjustment also allows the vertebrae to release inflammation, and provides the joints with vital nutrients. The team at Northern Edge Chiropractic LLC in Plymouth, MN has great success treating facet syndrome.