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I met with Dr. Mitch today and felt very comfortable! I haven't had to see a chiropractor before and Dr. Mitch provided me with solutions I feel comfortable and confident with. I feel my recovery process is in great hands... I don't usually leave reviews but I left feeling very thankful to have found this wonderful clinic!
Sophia Sapp
21:56 26 Oct 18
Love this place! I have just recently begun seeing Dr. Mitch for sports related injuries. However, he was able to provide a much more comprehensive solution than I had expected. Let’s just say our sessions have “happy endings.”
Dan Glysack
14:51 25 Oct 18
I started going to Northern Edge Chiropractic due to what I thought was related to a degenerative disc issue. My consultation was scheduled quickly and easily. I appreciated that Dr. Mitch took the time to assess my condition correctly. We came up with a treatment plan and they provided me with multiple options for payment including working with my insurance. They took the time to communicate clearly and allowed me make a informed decision. I was given a clear treatment plan that fit my needs and WOW! What a difference. I am no longer experiencing the pain that limited me in my daily life. They work around my busy schedule and always have a smile. I have treated by both Dr. Nick and Dr. Mitch and I can not say enough positive thing about them and the wonderful staff!
23:51 10 Sep 18
Love this place! The doctors and the staff are so nice and personable. Dr. Mitch identified my problem area and explained his treatment plan for me thoroughly. I would leave every appointment feeling better and better. I finished my treatment today, and when asked if I would like to continue the wellness program, there was no hesitation. With the physical activities in my daily life, I can’t imagine not getting adjusted anymore! Thank you Northern Edge!
Julie Prath
16:35 29 Aug 18
I had always been skeptical of chiropractic care, but Northern Edge changed that. At my first consult with Dr. Nick, he educated me on chiro care and we identified some areas of focus. I never felt pressured to sign up for anything or commit to services I wasn't comfortable with. I really felt like he was willing to meet me where I was - no questions asked. The discomfort I had been feeling is now gone and I feel refreshed every time I visit the clinic. The real differentiator at Northern Edge is the people. Dr. Nick and Dr. Mitch are two of the nicest docs you'll meet. And while they're both talented professionals, they're people first. Which is what I value in a provider/patient relationship. Can't say enough good things about this place.
A Fo
20:20 24 Oct 18
I used to only see a chiropractor when moving became near impossible. I had this theory that seeing a chiropractor would only make it so your body couldn’t take care of itself and would depend on the visits to be mobile. Then I had a shoulder problem that wouldn’t get better. I saw a doctor who misdiagnosed the issue and wanted to do in clinic physical therapy or go straight to surgery. I waited a year and it eventually became unbearable at times. So I went to another doctor who diagnosed the issue the same. My wife had been seeing Nick for a while as she has scoliosis and likes high impact physical hobbies. She told me to just go and see what he said. Nick diagnosed my injury differently than the medical doctors. It was humorous the first time I saw him he asked what I hit. After explaining what I do for a living he realized that while rare it could come from repetitive actions in a confined space. I’ve been seeing Nick for almost 2 years. He was happy to teach me the physical therapy I need to be able to keep doing my job. I no longer see him twice a week and only need treatment one every 2 weeks. I’m confident if I changed my work I would only see him because I now understand my body better and would only go in when I do something stupid and realize I’m out of adjustment. Top notch crew. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to really get better.
Thomas Erronis
03:11 01 Feb 19
The crew at Northern Edge Chiropractic is professional, welcoming, and caring. They recommend what care they believe is best for you and are upfront about cost with options for payment plans. As someone who has had a lot of experience with chiropractic, I would recommend Northern Edge to everyone! Thanks for taking great care of me!
Andrea Talamantes
19:59 01 Feb 19
Great place. Everyone is super nice and the Doctors are very knowledgeable and really listen to you. I have been to chiropractors all across the country and rate Northern Edge Chiropractic NUMBER 1 simply the best!
Benji Melvin
23:32 05 Feb 19
Great attention to detail and friendly atmosphere. My best place to work out.
Rachel Gonzalez
03:28 21 Jun 19
Super friendly and professional people. I felt like things were well explained and I was given some good tips to keeping pain down. I leave every appointment feeling 10x better. There's never any wait, even when I come in early.
Kai Dran
03:47 14 Aug 19
Wonderful place! Came here with an unbearable amount of low back pain, had low expectations and honestly kind of scared. (First time to try chiropractic care). I have been seeing Dr Mitch (and Dr. Nick when Dr Mitch is out of the office)now for about a month and can say that the pain has subsided; I can now do the things I love again without being afraid of the next day repercussions. Hannah from the billing side of life is super honest, professional and kind and Maggie who educates about the stretches and exercises to complete at home is splendid. All these people definitely deserve every five star review they get.
Brittaney Kostka
01:25 01 Oct 19
I have been dealing with chronic pain for years and tried it all. The commitment of this practice makes all the difference. I am so glad I found NEC!
Michelle Emery
21:29 30 Sep 19
The thought of going to a chiropractor used to terrify me, especially the idea of someone cracking my neck. (I blame the movies!) But after experiencing daily headaches and worrisome neck pain, I decided to give Northern Edge a try. I had heard such great things about them and now I know why! Not only is the staff incredibly welcoming and friendly (it’s like I’m hanging out with friends each time I go) but the doctors are knowledgeable, patient and excellent at making sure I feel comfortable and know what’s going on every step of the way. I’ve seen both doctors (and both are great) but I primarily see Dr. Nick. He’s awesome! I’ve been going there for a few months - my daily headaches are gone and my neck pain has significantly decreased. I feel like a whole new woman! I only wish I would have started seeing them sooner as they’ve shown me that there is nothing to be scared of and everything to gain! I look forward to every visit. Highly recommend them!
Jayme Kruse
01:48 11 Oct 19
I've been going to Northern Edge for about the last year and a half. I visited a couple different places over the years before ending up at NE and it's been my favorite! What's kept me at NE for so long is how they connect with you, from the moment you walk in, through therapies and during adjustment. Whatever pain/irritation I may be feeling is met with advice and instructions on how to treat and prevent, delivered in a way that's never condescending or overcomplicated. They are so welcoming and care about you + your wellbeing, more than just during your appointment, something that stands out compared to my previous Chiro experiences. I look forward to my two visits a month, supplementing visits from them along with regular mobility work has been a huge factor in me being able to stay as active as I am (I have two active jobs and weight train). If you are debating on making an appointment- I highly encourage you to call them up! They are the best!
Madison Lutgen
20:57 30 Oct 19
I came to NEC with severe pain in my right arm radiating to my wrist and hand, the pain was affecting my ability to do my job, drive, sleep, I was miserable. Being new to chiropractic, Dr. Nick took the time to explain everything he was doing, his staff took the time to explain billing, and work with my insurance, and to show me rehab exercises. They have been very accomodating with my weird work schedule and last minute travel. I made the committment to myself to get better and put the work in, and NEC made the committment to support me with every step. I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better, and am continuing with them through my rehab.
Michelle Whitter
16:23 06 Nov 19
I owe a great deal of thanks to everyone at Northern Edge, especially Dr. Curry. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for chiropractic care and neither should you. The staff is awesome! Everyone is very welcome and so is the atmosphere. I think writing this without going to Northern Edge, I would be in excruciating pain, but thanks to Dr. Curry I am completely pain free!
George Blewitt
20:47 20 Nov 19