Meet Our Massage Therapist In Plymouth MN


My name is Jeime, I am one of two full time therapists here at Northern Edge Chiropractic. After I graduated High School I started my massage career at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. Soon after, I became a part of the Northern Edge Team!

There are a variety of different modalities of Massage Therapy, that I am certified to do. Those include: Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports Massage, Swedish, Prenatal and Deep Therapeutic. During your sessions with me you’ll typically experience stretching of the limbs and back, which help to loosen up the muscles, and I conclude each session with compression of the muscles.

Helping clients reduce stress or seeing them make progress from injuries is my favorite part about being a Massage Therapist! It really is, such a talent to be able to heal someone with my hands and to help relieve the pain or tension they’re experiencing, or to cope with everyday stresses by passing on positive energy through the power of touch. It is important to give yourself some, ‘me time’ on a regular basis! I recommend using us for a relaxing or therapeutic massage!

Northern Edge is the perfect environment to work in! You’ll find that we are all very driven – not just to encourage, but to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue are my specialties and where I am most passionate about, when it comes to Massage Therapy.

Deep Tissue: is a type of body work therapy, which focuses on specific problem areas and is typically a much stronger/more intense massage. It has to be intense so that I am able breakdown tissues such as scar tissue. At times you may feel some discomfort during this type of massage but you should never been in too much pain. Don’t be afraid to let your Therapist know if they need to lighten up on pressure. My personal recommendation if you come in for a Deep Tissue Massage, is to continue coming in once a month for Deep Tissue Massage. But, if you’d like the maximum benefits, I’d recommend following each Deep Tissue Massage with a Therapeutic or Swedish Massage two weeks after. The benefits of Deep Tissue massages are amazing – and here are my favorites: I can help alleviate chronic pain, and help get back some range of motion wherever you have limited range of motion.

Sports Massage: is a modality of massage generally geared toward athletes. Sports Massage can help get you ready for an athletic event coming up, and prevent injuries as well as help recover from a daily workout. With Sports Massage I’m really able to focus on areas of the body that you may over use. (According to what kind of athletic activity you may be involved with). Just like Deep Tissue, a Sports Massage is usually a heavy handed massage and at times may feel a bit uncomfortable. Following a massage like this you should feel some pretty good tension release. Sometimes its normal to feel a little bit sore after deeper massage, never be alarmed by this. Just make sure you are drinking plenty of water and icing if need be. I recommend Sports Massage to be a part of an athlete’s normal routine and to come in every other week.