At Northern Edge Chiropractic we see a majority of our patients coming in for initial examinations because of one reason, PAIN!  After doing a little digging we almost always pinpoint the cause of pain to either postural dysfunction or a specific traumatic event.  About 60% of the patients we treat are postural dysfunction cases, caused by sitting at a desk job, studying or driving for extended periods of time (more than 1hr a day).  The other 40% of the patient we treat are coming in because their pain originated from a car accident, work injury, sports injury or just being clumsy and falling.  Regardless of how the injury occurred every single patient that walks through our doors has a few things in common.

The first thing that all our patients have in common is pain caused by joints that are out of position, not moving properly and ultimately affecting how the nervous system functions.  This is called spinal dysfunction, which is a serious condition that can affect any joint in the spine.  Spinal dysfunction if left untreated will compromise the bodies nervous system and will eventually jump start the degeneration process, possibly leading to permanent changes or surgical correction.

The second thing that all our patients have in common, along with spinal dysfunction, is inflammation buildup within the muscles that move the affected joints, effectively causing even more pain and tenderness in the injured area.  We call this a muscle spasm, which is actually a protective feature of the human body.  Essentially the body is trying to prevent movement in an injured area so that it has time to heal before re-injury occurs.  If muscle spasms are not treated scar tissue will precede to form within the muscle strands causing a semi-permanent restriction of movement within the joint complex, again increasing the risk of spinal degeneration.

The good news is that specific chiropractic treatments will not only alleviate all pain, but it will actually undo all of the degeneration that has occurred throughout the entire injury.  The chiropractors at Northern Edge Chiropractic of Plymouth, MN have developed a protocol to completely fix any type of spinal dysfunction.  Every treatment plan we create includes our protocol consisting of 3 distinct phases of treatment that address each stage of an injury.  The 1st phase consists of passive therapies, our patented muscle work called complete muscle re-education and diversified chiropractic adjustments to reduce inflammation and get you out of pain quickly.  The 2nd phase consists of passive therapies, our exercise rehab plan to start retraining the muscles how to fire properly and of course diversified chiropractic adjustments.  The 3rd phase consists of more rehab to strengthen the injured area, yoga to help balance/stabilize the spine and the most important chiropractic adjustment.  Our results are undeniable and after two short years we have been voted best chiropractic clinic in Plymouth, MN, meaning our results speak for themselves.

If you are dealing with headaches, neck pain, back pain, low back pain, radiating pain or sciatica you may have already started the degeneration process.  If you have been in a car accident or experienced a recent work injury we would like to help, call (763)316-5252 now to schedule your chiropractic examination.