Just like you, we’ve got goals. Ours is to be the best chiropractic clinic in the Minneapolis region. We’re committed to correcting the underlying cause of your pain getting your body back in alignment. Our team of doctors and specialists use a variety of adjusting techniques and therapeutic methods. We take care of everything, from insurance verification to pain relief. All you need to do is take the first step and visit us.

Here’s what to expect at your first visit as a new patient

Exam and consultation: Welcome! The first time we meet, we’ll go through a full chiropractic exam. That includes checking your range of motion, muscle/sensory/reflex testing (MSRs), feeling your spine, and doing some orthopedic and functional movement testing. Basically, we want to see how your body moves so we can pinpoint where your issues may be.

Therapeutic relief: We combine electrical stimulation (E-STIM) machines and mechanical traction (roller beds), along with some gentle heat to help relax muscles and provide pain relief. Picture this — ten minutes on a massage bed with a heating pad on your lower back and stimulation on sore muscles. We may even do some deep tissue muscle work. However, we generally don’t adjust patients on the first day.

X-Rays: You’ll get a set of spinal X-rays related to the injuries you’re seeing us for.