Why Choose Northern Edge Yoga

At Northern Edge we are committed to providing small group based yoga classes in a comfortable, upbeat environment. The yoga classes range from beginner to intermediate level and are a perfect fit for someone who is just getting introduced to yoga. Unlike any other yoga studio, the classes at Northern Edge Yoga have been developed by the instructors and approved by the doctors. By practicing yoga at Northern Edge you will allow your body to flow through various stages of relaxation, strengthening, balance and restoration, all while protecting and improving movement in the joints of the body and spine.

Benefits of Northern Edge Yoga

Northern Edge is now providing yoga to help promote wellness in the Plymouth and Maple Grove communities. Yoga is a great low stress exercise that builds strength in core muscles essential to keeping good posture and balance. Our yoga instructors at Northern Edge will help improve flexibility, build muscle strength and tone, help protect your body from injury and improve athletic performance.