Massage Therapy Pricing Packages

Northern Edge Chiropractic only offers 60 minute massages. If you would like to schedule a 90 minute or 120 minute massage, you may do so simply by booking 2 back to back massages.

If you would like to add cupping therapy to any massage you may do so at a $25.00 rate. Please let your therapist know prior to the massage if you would like cupping therapy during your massage.

Massage Packages Price Purchase
60 Minute Massage $80.00
4 Massage Package $280.00
60 Minute Massage W/ Cupping Therapy $105.00

Massage Therapy Rules

Limit 1 Per Person – You may only purchase one total Groupon for yourself. You are allowed to purchase two, however you must gift the second Groupon package to a friend or family member.

Gifting Massages – If you are gifting a massage to someone else or have received a massage as a gift, you must have the person using the massage sign up and schedule in our MindBody system. The person receiving the massage must also bring a copy of the Groupon in to the massage with them or we will deny them their time slot.

Groupon Voucher – To receive your massage you must purchase the correct package listed below that matches your current Groupon Voucher. You must also bring the voucher in person to the massage, if you do not select the correct package or do not bring proof of the voucher we will deny your massage.

Groupon Sales Tax – Groupon does not collect sales tax, our contract with Groupon states that we must collect sales tax at the time of service. We are liable to collect sales tax for the full price of the massage sold by Groupon. The packages below are to cover the “Sales Tax, MN Care Tax and Processing Fees” associated with servicing your Groupon massage. You will need to select the correct package below that matches your Groupon Voucher in order to schedule and receive your massages at our clinic. If you do not select the correct package we will deny your massage or apply another charge.

Expired Groupon – Each Groupon voucher has a 4 month expiration from the date of purchase. We honor Groupon’s rules for redemption and will not accept any expired Groupon Vouchers. If you have an expired voucher we will credit the amount of money paid in that Groupon Voucher to the original rate of $80.00/hour massage. This means you will owe us roughly $40/hour massage at the time of service and it is our right to deny service to any person refusing to pay the difference.

Refunds – All Groupon refunds will be handled by Groupon directly, please contact Groupon as calling or emailing us will not resolve the problem. All sales purchased directly from Northern Edge are final and we do not offer any refunds.

Cancellation Policy – We do have a 24 hour cancelation policy for massage therapy. You may cancel your massage for any reason leading up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled massage time this is called an early cancel in MindBody. If you cancel within 24 hours of your massage time, we will charge you a non-negotiable $25.00 cancellation fee, this is called a late cancel in MindBody. You have full control over the times and massages you schedule, by looking into your passes section of the app you will be able to check, cancel or move your massage time if needed. If you late cancel you will be notified of the late cancel via email, and we will apply the $25 charge within 48 hours of the regularly scheduled massage time. You will still keep your massage, however you must use that massage within 30 days following a late cancel.

New to Northern Edge/MindBody scheduling?

Please select the massage package that suits you best or that matches your current Groupon voucher. Once you have clicked on a package a pop-up will alert you that Northern Edge is currently using MindBody scheduling. You must create an account with our MindBody system in order to schedule your massage.

We recommend downloading the FREE MindBody mobile app to link your account so you can easily schedule and change massages from your phone on the go. Remember if you create an account with us always use the same email address as the user name when downloading the MindBody app.

Once you have downloaded the app search for Northern Edge Massage and Yoga in the app to schedule appointments. When looking to book for massage you must select appointments under schedule, this will prompt you to pick massage therapy and a morning or evening therapist. Once you have selected your therapist’s schedule you will see available massage times only.